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The <link file:384 _blank download herunterladen der datei>twenty-fourth edition of our e-magazine <link file:384 _blank>ORAWORLD is out now!

Our title story "In times like these: DBAs in Lockdown” brings you an interesting talk about how the lockdown affects our working life. This talk took place as a panel discussion at DOAG Conference where Christian Trieb talked to Dagmar Förster, Ulrike Schwinn, and Thomas Tretter.

While Carsten Czarski delivers the seventh article in our APEX series, this time covering APEX functionality from PL/SQL, we are starting a new series called “What’s Your Passion?” in which we interview people from the Oracle community about their hobbies. First up is Mike Dietrich who talks about his passion for music.

Our editorial member Ann-Sofie has dug out an old Brazilian magazine featuring an interview with Larry Ellison and shares some of the content with you in retrospect. Meanwhile Phil Wilkins returns to ORAWORLD with an interesting article on the rise of of GraphQL.

Enjoy reading our new ORAWORLD edition and stay healthy!

These stories are waiting for you:

. In Times Like These: DBAs in Lockdown – talk led by Christian Trieb
. Back to the Future – The “Bad Guy From the Internet” or “Prophet of Chaos?“ by Ann-Sofie Vikström Often
. What's Your Passion? Interview with Mike Dietrich Talks About his Passion for Music
. Oracle Application Express (Part 7): Selected APEX PL/SQL APIs by Carsten Czarski
. Rise of GraphQL & Implications for Oracle by Phil Wilkins
. News from Oracle’s French Users Group by Emmanuel Ruez
. and more!


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