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Most Recent Issues from 2024

Issue #32/2024

Technology enthusiasts, executives and IT professionals – our ORAWORLD provides valuable insights and knowledge to help you stay ahead in the dynamic world of Oracle technologies. The latest issue covers topics such as improved error messages in Oracle Database 23ai, the data sharing functions in Oracle ADW and the convergence of database and application architecture with generative AI capabilities. Check out the exciting articles!

Issue #31/2024

With the Oracle 23c database just around the corner, many articles of our issue #31 deal with the new database version, which represents the next long-term release and is also the first Oracle database version that only contains the multitenant architecture.  APEX and the Oracle Cloud also play a role in this issue.

Issues from 2023

Issue #30/2023

In our issue 30, Heli Helskyahowill takes a look at ChatGPT and explains how you can use this technology within Oracle. Ann-Sofie Vikström Often brings you a nice story about the first successful in-person conference in Norway after COVID. Plus, you get many more interesting articles – as usual for free!

Issue #29/2023

In this issue, we have included a variety of articles that we hope will be of interest and value to you. For our title story, Jasmin Fluri is explaining why Edition Based redefinition is important for the Continuous Database Delivery Setup. Enjoy this and many more articles from the world of Oracle and beyond.

Issues from 2022

Issue #28/2022

Issue 28, published in September 2022, presents a comparison between Open Source Databases vs. Proprietary Databases, Blockchain tables in Oracle Databases, some more features in Oracle APEX and many more entertaining articles for your reading pleasure. 

Issues from 2021

Issue #27/2021

Issue 21/2021 brings you many interesting articles and stories from the Oracle cosmos and beyond. For the title story, Carsten Czarski examines the latest APEX release 21.2, while UK community member Debra Lilley talks about her passion for scuba diving. Enjoy these and much more! 

Issue #24/2021

ORAWORLD issue 24 takes a look at how the lockdown has changed the work of DBAs: DBA Christian Trieb talked to three colleagues with different perspectives. Our new series "What's Your Passion?" kicks of with an interview with Mike Dietrich about his passion for music.

Issue #26/2021

We take a look at some of Oracle 19c’s new features with articles by Heli Helskyaho on AutoML and Jim Czuprynski on Fast Ingest and Fast Lookup. For the third part of our interview series “What’s Your Passion” we talk to Jože Senegačnik about his love for baking and flying.

Issue #25/2021

In issue 25, Oracle ACE Director Jim Czuprynski shows you how Oracle Database 19c’s Fast Ingest features let you capture streaming data so it can be retained and analyzed in real time. Look forward to this and many more article and stories from the world of Oracle.

Issues from 2020

Issue #23/2020

For the title story of our final issue in 2020, blockchain expert Nikita Fuchs looks behind the hype of cryptocurrencies. ORAWORLD #23 also brings you the third part of our CLOUD Act series and many interesting articles from the Oracle community.

Issue #22/2020

ORAWORLD issue 22 revolves around podcasts: We bring you an interview with Bob Rhubart who for many years was the man behind the Oracle Groundbreakers Podcast. In addition, we asked people from the Oracle community to name as their favorite podcasts.

Issue #21/2020

This issue focuses on the online conferences that have emerged from the Covid crisis. We conducted interviews with the organizers of two great community efforts, ACEs@Home and APEX@Home. Find out why doing talks online is “a completely different experience”. 

Issue #20/2020

For this issue’s title story, we conducted an interview with Steven Feuerstein and Vincent Morneau, the two founders of the fabe project. Fabe is an APEX-based PWA that helps its users to slow the rate of planetary warming and to stop human-caused extinctions.

Issue #19/2020

Our first issue of 2020 dives into the history of AskTOM. Connor McDonald reflects on its inception and how his personal journey intertwines with it. Meanwhile, Jim Czuprynski reveals his super-power: Autonomous DB and ML. Enjoy these and many more stories!

Issues from 2019

Issue #18/2019

Issue 18 takes a look at Self-Service Integration with author Arturo Viveros answering the questions What?, Why? and How? The last issue of the year also marks the starts of a new series on APEX by Carsten Czarski. Of course, you can expect many more stories from the Oracle world.

Issue #17/2019

In this issue we look at how Autonomous Database will change the work for DBAs. Also, concluding our 40 Years of Forms feature, we bring you an insightful interview with Sohaib Abbasi, the former Senior Vice President of Oracle's Tools and Education divisions.

Issue #16/2019

Issue #16 celebrates 40 years of Oracle Forms. We look at the history of the famous software tool including an interview with its developer Bill Friend. Also, we conclude Steven Feuerstein’s series “Code You Should Never See in PL/SQL”.

Issue #15/2019

The focus of issue #15 is on games: We have an interview with gamification expert Dr. Mathias Fuchs who examines the phenomenon from a cultural and political perspective. Meanwhile author Annette Godtland shares insights on her book series about programming Java Games.

Issue #14/2019

Issue #14 highlights ways to generate the perfect user experience. You will dive deep into such diverse topics as digitalization for seniors, the importance of data clustering, and audit rights. You will also find out how the power of a good Mojito can make you organize an APEX tour.

Issue #13/2019

With our new series starting in issue #13, no one will ever use bad code in PL/SQL again. You will also learn about innovation from a strategic perspective and have a closer look at MySQL 8.0. Some readers will certainly recognize colleagues in our take on types of people in offices…

Issues from 2018

Issue #12/2018

With its focus on pair programming, issue #12 offers ideas for improved programming. While our inquiry into the improvements of Oracle Database 18c provides a deeper insight into sharding, the instructions for the CBO should get your rapt attention right away; just as the other stories! 

Issue #9/2018

In issue #9, learn more about how Estonia has successfully managed to become a digital society. The issue is also dedicated to autonomous vehicles, chatbots, patching of Oracle Database, the history of data storage, reports from user group conferences and many more exciting stories!

Issue #11/2018

Issue #11 is dedicated to the next generation and why coding for youngsters is so important. Also learn what to expect On-Premises and in the Cloud with Oracle Database 18c, where Digital Health might lead us, how to decipher Leetspeak and much more!

Issue #8/2018

In issue #8 of ORAWORLD, learn more about how Oracle Support is perceived across different countries. The issue is also dedicated to the story behind the Java logo, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, workplace ergonomics, Oracle JET, the history of the computer mouse, GDPR and much more!

Issue #10/2018

Issue #10 revolves around why machine learning is becoming a thing now, and how to prepare the IT infrastructure for DevOps. The issue also focuses on remote working, the current state of bioprinting, drones and funny network names.

Issues from 2017

Issue #7/2017

The seventh edition of ORAWORLD is dedicated to GDPR, chatbots, digital transformation in the business, virtual and augmented reality, the search for the next generation, the story behind the Firefox logo and much more!

Issue #4/2017

The fourth edition of ORAWORLD Magazine focuses on how Oracle user groups use Twitter and Facebook, @TrumpDBA, 40 years of Oracle, Duke the Java Mascot, debugging APEX and the Bulgarian OUG.

Issue #6/2017

In issue #6, learn more about "IT infrastructure in South Africa" and meet Moby Dock, the Docker whale. Find out more about the Polish Oracle User Group, the future of the Database Administrator, the Oracle Messaging Cloud Service and much more!

Issue #5/2017

The fifth issue is dedicated to futuristic work environments, Linux penguin Tux, EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the anatomy of a geek and Parallel NFS. Bonus: A video tour of Oracle’s Engineered Systems production site, cool infographics and more.

Issues from 2016

Issue #3/2016

Issue number three of ORAWORLD Magazine revolves around the European Oracle User Groups, debugging in APEX, Oracle Database 12.2 Release 2, the origin of the MySQL Dolphin and Oracle Open World 2016.

Issue #2/2016

The second edition of ORAWORLD eMagazine is dedicated to Java EE, Next Generation IT, Tajikistan OUG Live Up to Their Slogan, Harmony Conference and BGOUG Conference. Also, get to know Heli from Finland in our interview.

Issue #1/2016

Premiere edition of OraWorld eMagazine focusing on the subjects: Forms 12c, Collaborate, Women in IT, ITOUG, APEX #letswreckthistogether and much more.

Editorial Team

Mirela Ardelean

Founder and board member of RoOUG, board member of EOUC, Mirela is a database and APEX developer who is dedicating part of her free time to activities that lead to collaboration between Oracle User Groups. She is organizing the annual OGBEMEA Tour, she is part of #mashprogram team and she is also an Oracle ACE.

Andrejs Vorobjovs

Andrejs’ qualifications and background are in data base administrating and data engineering, with 15 years of experience in Oracle technology. In 2007, he has established LVOUG (Latvia).

Ann-Sofie Vikström Often

Board member of OUGN (Norway) who is responsible for international contacts. She is also program manager for the conferences. Daily working as consultant in integration team at Sysco in Norway.

Christian Trieb

A member of DOAG since 1991, founder of the Rhine-Main regional group, and Oracle ACE Director since 2011. As a board member, Christian was responsible for all special interest groups in the Oracle area. From 2007 to 2009 Deputy Chairman of the Board for Database and International Strategy. As head of the database community, he has been on the DOAG board since 2011 and represents DOAG in the IOUC and is involved in the EOUC. Professionally a senior database administrator at Paragon Data GmbH; likes to spend time with family and likes to eat good. 

Upcoming deadlines for authors

Issue 33: September 30, 2024

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