Terms and conditions for authors

In submitting a text via the ORAWORLD website, the author accepts these terms and conditions and agrees to DOAG Dienstleistungen GmbH, Tempelhofer Weg 64, 12347 Berlin, Germany, acting as a representative of EOUC.

1 Subject of the contract

1.1. The author shall make the submitted file available as original editorial content of DOAG for the purposes of the EOUC. Original means that it was created by the author himself. The author relinquishes any existing claim to remuneration and DOAG accepts such waiver.

1.2 The content may be published  by DOAG either in full or in part:

1.2.1 on the website of ORAWORLD,

1.2.2 in the ORAWOLRD eMagazine,

1.2.3 in other ORAWORLD, EOUC und DOAG publications.

1.3 There is no obligation to publish on the part of DOAG, who may return the content, thus voiding the publication agreement.

DOAG may change the content as part of the editorial process (add to, abridge or correct, reformulate). Following revision by the editor, the content may be published without any requirement for approval from the author.


2 Term

2.1 The contract is entered into from the time of submission for an unspecified period. It cannot ordinarily be terminated; extraordinary termination is possible for important reasons, in so far as the important reasons do not cease to apply within a reasonable period of time.

2.2 The points under Responsibility and Other shall remain unchanged irrespective of the term.


3 Scope of rights

3.1 The author grants DOAG the non-exclusive right to duplicate and distribute the content in all languages and all output formats for an indefinite period. The author shall retain the right to exploit the content in the version submitted, either personally of through third parites. The rights granted shall include in particular the right to make publicly available, to store, duplicate and to provide and transfer the content to the Internet, to mobile telephone networks and other networks.

3.2 DOAG shall be entitled to grant all rights granted by the author in the context of this contract to third parties involved in producing ORAWORLD and to the EOUC.


4 Responsibility

4.1 The author undertakes to apply the rules of journalistic due diligence when researching and creating the text. In particular, the author undertakes to comply with the relevant provisions of the Interstate Broadcasting Treaty, the Media Law and the principles set out in the Press Code. The author is the owner of the content.

4.2 The author affirms that he is solely entitled to the copyright and all other rights to the content and that he has not entered into any agreements or made dispositions and also will not enter into or make dispositions that conflict with exploitation of his content by DOAG. The above applies in particular to images and photographs. The author has obtained the consent of all and any persons involved in the creation of the content to grant the rights to their contribution in accordance with the provisions of this contract.

4.3 The author indemnifies DOAG against any claims and charges arising due to the infringement by the author's content of third party rights under 4.2 or legal regulations under 4.1.


5 Data protection

By submitting the text and his personal information, the author understands that he agrees to the collection, storage and processing of his personal information. The purpose of this agreement is the publication of his text in the online magazine and all related activities. The agreement relates to DOAG and the assigned user groups of EOUC which produce the magazine. For this purpose, the data may be passed on to the assigned user groups. The EOUC User Groups are listed in the legal notice. The author may ask for the correction, deletion or blocking of his data, or revoke his given consent at any time. The author has the right to obtain information about the data stored about him, including the origin and recipients of the data as well as the purpose of data processing. Please send your request by email to office@doag.org


6 Other

6.1 German law shall apply to this agreement.

6.2 Should any provision of this agreement become invalid or prove unenforceable, the remaining provisions of this agreement shall remain unaffected, unless the omission of an individual clause unacceptably disadvantages one party to the contract such that he cannot be expected to hold to the contract.


Berlin, May 2016